You Do Not Have To Look Far To Find Great News in Rochester

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When looking for local, Rochester based news, you have quite a few options. What it ultimately boils down to is station affinity, as all of them excel in one way or another. Or, you can simply watch them all in order to get the most exposure from each station and their coverage. You have the following three to choose from for your network news fix.

1. WHEC TV Rochester NY. TV 10 Rochester, the local NBC affiliate.

2. WROC TV Rochester NY. TV 8 Rochester, the local CBS affiliate.

3. WHAM TV Rochester NY. TV 13 Rochester, the local ABC affiliate.

As little as 30 years ago, if you were to watch the nightly news that each of these stations was broadcasting, you would find pretty much the exact same stories. In virtually the same order, just told by a different voice. They were following the established news tradition set in place in the 40s. And it worked for the longest time. It is what people expected. It is what they relied upon on a daily basis. The format was comforting.

But, with cable TV news stations, the internet, and trends toward more dramatic news coverage, the three standards had to change or be lost to time. Network news needed to set itself apart from the rest, and make it worth viewing compared to the newer forms of news out there. Nowadays, each station will lead in with a different story, and often times there will one station that is covering stories that the other two did not include in their news lineup.

The primary goal is to provide the most relevant news for their target audience. If you are having trouble deciding between CBS Channel 8 and WHEC TV Rochester, take a week to watch each one. Maybe watch Channel 8 in the mornings and Channel 10 in the evenings. Give it some time to determine which one presents the stories that you find most informative and important, and then you can determine which station you would like to get your news from. And if you are looking for strictly local news, you can always pick up a copy of the City Newspaper Rochester has to tide you over until the next broadcast.

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