Stuck in a Hotel in Rochester? Check the News

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This past winter I found myself looking for downtown Rochester hotels when all the Rochester airport hotels were filled up. There was a pretty bad snowstorm, flights were cancelled, and I needed to find Rochester NY lodging until the storm could blow over and my plane came in.

Sadly, with the bitterly cold weather I had nothing to do except browse Rochester NY TV stations while at the hotel. I picked up a Rochester NY TV guide at the front desk, but nothing looked good. You know how it is when one bad thing happens, suddenly everything looks miserable.

So I was browsing Rochester NY TV stations, and I found myself going back and forth between channel 10 and channel 13. There was not much else in terms of Rochester NY TV stations to choose from, unless I wanted to delve into the Discovery, Animal Planet, or other such cable shows. I was not interested in that though, I wanted to find out when the snow was going to stop so that I could get back to the airport and proceed to Chicago.

When you have a lot of time to kill, no internet, and just the news to watch, you might get up to some strange things. Like making a list of the similarities and differences between two news stations. Here they are, or rather, as far as I could get before falling asleep.

  • News Channel 10.
  • This is an NBC station. Its acronym, WHEC, does not really roll off the tongue. That night they mentioned two crime incidents in downtown. Part of my reason for not leaving the hotel. They covered some strange and funny news, which was nice, and they were also first to show the weather which tipped me off that I might be able to leave Rochester the next day.

  • News Channel 13.
  • News channel 13 is an ABC station, and its acronym, WHAM, is really fun to hear and to say. I caught three mentions of crime activity, but it is possible that they were recapping from the past few days. Channel 13 did a nice segment on a nature reserve in the area. I think it was during this rather peaceful news story that I started to get sleepy.

Sometime after this pointless list was made I fell asleep, and the next day the flights were back on schedule. If you ever find yourself in a Rochester hotel, with nothing to do but watch the news, then you should count yourself lucky that at least the news stations are enjoyable. I have been in some cities where I would rather stare at a wall for three hours than watch a minute of their local news. Thankfully, Rochester is not one of those cities.

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