Staying up to Date on Rochester News

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Channel 13 rochester

If you are trying to stay up to date on news in Rochester NY channel 13 news is an option to look at. Channel 13 news airs in the morning, as well as at 6:00 PM, and 11:00 PM.

Channel 13 news focuses on local news, giving weather and traffic updates for the Rochester area. Its sports section focuses on both local sports events, such as high school and college athletics, and sports events of larger importance, such as national leagues. They also feature health and business sections on their network, in addition to local and national news stories.

If watching the news on TV is not something you enjoy, or just does not fit into your schedule, Rochester channel 13 news also has a website that provides the same local news when and where you need it. It provides options to re watch the most recent news airing at your computer, as well as readable articles on the sports, business, health, and news stories that are relevant to that day.

The website also has a section on community, with a local pet of the week, rentals, and a community calendar of local events. It also has a marketplace section, with listings of the best local gas prices, comparative shopping, coupons, rental availabilities, and job listings.

The morning news highlights a recipe each morning, which is available to find again on the channel 13 website. There are also sections on the website about college planning and going green, giving a large range of information for those who access the website.

Channel 13 rochester NY also offers email alerts, and text alerts, which can be signed up for on the channel 13 news website. Channel 13 news also offers a RSS feed, so that you can get up to date news from channel 13 news without having to visit their website directly. You can also follow the news on twitter and facebook.

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