How To Find Local Channel 13 Rochester NY

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Rochester channel 13 news

Whenever you’d like to enjoy watching local television programming in your area, such as channel 13 Rochester NY, you’ll be able to do so without paying an expensive cable or satellite TV bill. All you need to have in order to watch Rochester channel 13 news is a simple, inexpensive TV antenna. This will allow you to be able to pick up any and all other channels that come across your local air waves and are under channel 70 regardless of where you live. While it varies as to precisely what channels you’re going to be able to pick up, you shouldn’t have to punch in every station number below 70 to find the programming. There’s actually an easier way to do this. All you have to do is:
1. Turn on your television. If you do currently have satellite or cable television, then you’ll want to take a moment to look through the TV guide information for channels like FOX, PBS, CBS, NBC and ABC. You may even want to take note of where channel 13 Rochester NY is located. Once you take the time to do this you’ll know right where all of your local channels are.
2. Now push the menu button on your TV remote. This will give you access to local programming, such as channel 13 Rochester, whenever you’re using an antenna.
3. Select the television button then choose channels. In your channel option you’ll find an option that says select TV scan. This is what you want to choose in order to scan for all of the stations that you will receive with your antenna, including channel 13 Rochester NY.
4. Once the scan is finished you’ll be able to flip through all of the stations on your TV remote. Every channels that you receive is one that is local and available over the air. This will include
Rochester ny channel 13, also known as channel 13 Rochester NY.

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