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Are You Up To Date On The Latest Rochester News?

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o you know what is going on in the Rochester community? Staying up to date on the local news is essential; it is your responsibility as a citizen to stay up to date on what is happening in your local community. Luckily, if you live in Rochester, New York there are a variety of different ways you can stay up to date and informed, from television stations such as channel 13 Rochester NY news to various Rochester New York newspapers, such as the Democrat and Chronicle.

First of all, Rochester New York newspapers a great way to stay up to date and informed on local Rochester news and events. When people think of Rochester newspapers, the first paper that typically comes to mind is the Democrat and Chronicle. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle is perhaps Rochester’s most widely circulated newspaper. Fou

Rochester Channel 13 News Provides News to Viewers

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In the past, people learned about the news and other current events from a variety of different channels. For thousands of years, people would travel to the town square or common green to listen to the town crier shout out the latest news stories. After the printing press was invented in the early 15th century, many large towns and cities started to publish newspapers which described the latest news stories in greater detail than the town crier; depending upon the size of the city, these newspapers were either published once every week or once every day. In addition to reporting the latest news developments, these newspapers would also publish a variety of other kinds of articles such as opinions pieces, gossip columns, advice columns, recipes, book reviews, and even cartoons.
Starting in the 20th century, however, modern technologies started to replace newspapers as the primary means by which people learned about the news. The first of these technologies was the radio. By the late 1940s, every family in the United States owned at least one radio. Radios were popular because many families did not enjoy the act of reading; instead, they preferred to listen to the radio because it was easier on their brains. They also believed that the calm, controlled voice of the news reporter made traumatizing news items sound less traumatic.

Later in the 20th century, however, television started to replace the radio. Television news programs like those which play on Rochester channel 13 news (which is also called channel 13 Rochester NY or Rochester ny channel 13 news) were more popular than their radio counterparts because they gave viewers a chance to see (as well as hear) the reporters as they described current events in great detail. Furthermore, many viewers enjoyed news programs like Rochester channel 13 news because the news technologies employed by stations like Rochester channel 13 news enabled reporters to film live from the scene of the action. Consequently, viewers who tuned into Rochester channel 13 news could feel as if they were standing a few feet from the news items that they previously had to imagine for themselves.

Not every viewer appreciated news programs like Rochester channel 13 news. Many experts and pundits complained that these programs like Rochester channel 13 news produced viewers who were even more passive than radio listeners. By providing viewers with as much audio and visual information as possible, news programs such as Rochester channel 13 news reduced viewers’ ability to engage critically with the world around them. By doing so, programs such as Rochester channel 13 news made viewers more open to accepting propaganda and other ideological materials. However, in recent years, other experts have objected that these claims about the bad effects of news programs like Rochester channel 13 news are based upon outmoded conceptions of the media that are completely unsupported by the cutting edge research produced by psychology departments around the country.

Channel 13 Rochester NY is Now Online

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Rochester channel 13 news

Rochester channel 13 news has been a part of the local community since it began broadcasting in 1962 and has continued ever since. It currently leads the news ratings for the area, and it was the first news station in Rochester to broadcast in high definition. They currently have over a thousand fans on facebook, where they post links from their official website as well as important updates. How well designed is their actual news website? Here is a review.

First, the layout of Channel 13 Rochester NY is fairly professional, as well as up to date. Sometimes News websites whose focus is on television marketing neglect their online sites, to their own detriment now that the technology age experiences large marketing integration owing to the popularity of smart phones and social networking sites. Rochester NY Channel 13 is clearly investing in the future popularity of News via web access with their website, which features rotating images and headlines, a prominent daily weather update, in addition to a well designed header and side panels.

What makes a well designed news page? Like any website, it is important for news websites to display information in an easy to access way. Navigability is key, and this refers to how easy to is to get to information, and how quickly users can find it without struggling to find search bars or the right tabs. Good web design is clean, well planned out, and lacks conflicting fonts or flashy images. On all these counts, Channel 13 Rochester NY fares fairly well.

In what ways could the Channel 13 Rochester NY site improve? For site design, I would recommend unifying the layout further and getting rid of rounded corner tabs when everything else on the page is square. Rounded corners are going out of style, along with shading on tabs that implies 3D perspective. My other issue is that much of the explanatory font on the pages is fairly small, possibly a size 8 or 9 font. Although it is logical that information is segmented into smaller sections, I worry that this makes the Channel 13 Rochester NY site less accessible for older visitors, or for individuals with sight impairment.

I like that Channel 13 Rochester NY online has a tab for traffic. If you click on that tab, it brings you to a map that links to traffic cameras. Clicking on them gives you a real time view of local traffic. I would recommend adding a tab for best local gas prices, since that can be just as relevant for people as traffic information.